Building confidence to care

"We know how difficult it is for people affected by life-changing health conditions to understand everything going on, to navigate their personal journey in a complex and fragmented health system, and to access the best available care and support for them."

Amanda Nolan, CEO and Founder, Guida

We're on a mission to help every person with a life-changing health condition get the care and support they really need

This starts with informing, educating and training the people who care.

We're changing the way people learn to care for others and take care of themselves.

Building confidence to care

Whether you're someone who cares or needs care, Guida is your web-based health information, education, and training platform to build your confidence in caring or in taking care of yourself.

We anticipate your needs and guide you through difficult moments in your health journey, with innovative and easy-to-use tools such as short adaptive video education and virtual scenarios. These can be shared amongst your colleagues and clients, or family and friends.

Every person that uses Guida is helping us to build our knowledge so we can help people around the world to confidently care for the people who need it most.

Who we are here for

Guida is here to help people touched by life-changing health conditions.

People who provide care for someone with a life-changing health condition

Family, personal carers, allied health professionals, disability workers, aged care workers, General Practitioners and specialist doctors

People who care about someone with a life-changing health condition

Family and friends

People with a life-changing health condition

People with neurological conditions, disability, and other conditions

How Guida works

1. Select

We'll guide you through the process of identifying things that you'd like to know more about, by understanding your current needs and anticipating your future needs. You select the content most relevant to you, now and in the future, and you can review your selections at any time.

2. Learn

When you're ready to learn, click on the information, education or training content that you would like to read, watch or listen to. Bookmark the content most helpful for you, and review it as often as you need to.

3. Share

Identify the people that you think might benefit from the information, education and training offered by Guida and share content with them. These people may be family, friends, carers or clinicians.

Why we are here

Guida was founded on the simple view that we can make life easier and better for everyone affected by a life-changing health condition.

We know the difficulties in trying to understand everything going on, trying to navigate complex health systems, and to trying to find or provide the right information, help and support.

Our Founder and CEO, Amanda Nolan, has worked across the health, aging and disability sectors for more than two decades, and been touched personally by loved ones and friends with life-changing health conditions.

She has seen, time and time again, people and their families fall into a chasm of uncertainty and fear after leaving the specialist clinic or hospital, as they are faced with the overwhelming reality of a changed life forever.

She has seen spouses struggle as carers, friends withdraw from people they care about, and carers and clinicians lose the trust of the people they're caring for.

Most people aren't confident caring for and supporting someone, or themselves, throughout a life-changing health journey.

Guida is here to change this.

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Building confidence to care